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Secure your home with efficient and reliable solar power solutions.


Free your business from high energy costs with tailored solar solutions.


Advanced renewable technologies for a cleaner and greener future.

Who we are

Keep your environment clean make the earth green.

Delivering tailored solar energy solutions across Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Surrey since 2009.

Renewable Energy

With 15+ Years Experience

Our values

Driving Sustainable Energy Forward

Our Vision, Mission, and Commitment to a Renewable Tomorrow

Our Vision

Our vision is to make clean, renewable energy accessible to every home and business. We believe our local community should be able to harness the power of the sun and to take control of their energy costs and environmental impact. Through innovative solutions and trusted expertise, we're committed to motivating residents and businesses across the Berkshire and the surrounding areas to embrace a more sustainable future.

Our Committment

At GHE Solar, we are renowned for delivering exceptional customer service and quality installations. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is committed to ensuring every domestic and commercial client's needs are met, backed by hundreds of satisfied customers who consistently recommend our services. We take pride in being a trusted partner in our local community's transition to a more sustainable energy future.
What we offer

Complete Energy Solutions for Every Need

Domestic Solar PV

Switch to solar and reduce your energy bills with our custom solar PV systems. We provide solutions tailored to your home’s needs, ensuring a smooth transition to renewable energy with lasting benefits.

Commercial Solar PV

Reduce operational costs with commercial solar installations that offer significant electricity savings and a fast ROI. Our systems are designed to be cost-effective, providing financial benefits without any initial investment.

Energy Storage Systems

Increase your energy independence with advanced battery storage solutions. Compatible with any solar PV system, these batteries optimise self-sufficiency by storing surplus solar energy for use anytime, reducing reliance on the grid.

EV Chargers

Optimise electric vehicle charging with the Myenergi Zappi, the top choice for integration with solar systems. Our installation ensures that any excess power from your solar panels can be directed efficiently to your EV charger, enhancing energy utilisation.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Get optimal heating efficiency with our air source heat pumps. GHE conducts comprehensive heat loss calculations for your property to perfectly size the heat pump and heat emitters. We also provide guidance on necessary insulation upgrades to enhance system efficiency.

Smart Meters

Install a smart meter to effectively monitor your solar system's electricity output to the grid. Smart meters are vital for those participating in the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), enabling you to track and receive credits for the energy you contribute.
why go solar?

The Power of Solar

An Investment in your home, business and the planet.

Cost Efficiency

 Dramatically reduce your energy bills and shield yourself from rising utility costs.

Environmental Care

Commit to a sustainable future by decreasing carbon emissions and supporting renewable energy advancements.


Secure your energy needs against blackouts and energy fluctuations with a reliable solar system.

Enhanced Property Values

Invest in your property’s future, making it more attractive to buyers and increasing its market worth.

Government Incentives

Take advantage of available subsidies and tax benefits that make solar power a smart financial decision.

how it works

A Roadmap to Your Sustainable Energy Future

Four Simple Steps to Brighten Your Home or Business with Solar Energy

Initial Contact

Reach out to us through our contact form or directly. We’ll gather some essential details from you to ensure we can provide an accurate estimate tailored to your needs.

Detailed Estimate

We use PVSol modelling software for accurate predictions and financial forecasts. You'll receive a detailed proposal outlining the benefits and specifics for your potential solar setup.

Site Survey

Before installation, our team will conduct a thorough site survey. This step ensures that we understand the specifics of your location to prevent any issues during the installation process.


Our professional team of installers will efficiently and safely install your solar panels, ensuring high standards and minimal disruption to your property.


Precision in Every Solar Proposal

With PVSol software, GHE Solar ensures you can envision and understand your solar installation before any work begins. Here's how it benefits you:
Mother with her little daughter near their house with solar panels. Alternative energy, saving

Accurate Visualisations

Preview how solar panels will look on your property, ensuring perfect placement and aesthetics tailored to your property.

Little girl with her dad holding paper model of house with solar panels, explaining how it works

Predictive Accuracy

Receive detailed forecasts of energy production and savings, giving you the knowledge to make informed decisions about your investment.

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What they say about us

GHE Solar Ltd
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Elenita 20Elenita 20
15:59 22 Apr 24
Ian ClareIan Clare
13:13 20 Apr 24
First class from initial enquiry to installation and follow up visit to check the installation. A special thank you to the installation team....nothing was too much trouble explaining things to a "novice" in solar.Thank you all.
Roger HaymanRoger Hayman
10:39 06 Apr 24
See Update below *Great service and professional company. Really helpful with the installation of my Solar Panels and helped with the paper work and installation of the Solex Cloud App which provides live data from from the panels so you can see exactly how the panels are performing.I did have an initial problem with the panel's tripping out every now and then so I contacted GHE Solar and once I had explained what was going on they were Quick to respond and came back to sort it out and I have had no more problems sinceIt's always good to know that if teething problems do occur you can rely on the company to respond rather than leave you stressed trying to get it sorted.My experience was that I received good customer service which in my opinion is so important.*****UPDATE 06/05/2Just to say that since my 5* review I now have a rather worrying issue.Not with the panels performance but the issue is that there are pigeons building a nest under the panels!I wondered what all the noise was I could hear in the back bedroom as it was a loud scrabbling and clanging sound.I was horrified to see pigeons (which are not even small birds) getting under the gap betweenthe panels and the tiles taking in twigs etc to build a nest.This is very concerning and giving me a lot of anxiety. For one thing I don't know if they can cause any damage to the panels themselves or even dislodge the tiles which are underneath.At time of writing this the office is closed but I will be calling the office first thing on Monday morning.Hopefully they will be able to offer me some help.
Vic WoodVic Wood
20:14 23 Mar 24
The GHE team worked hard to install 14 panels on my bungalow roof, plus two inverters and a myenergi Zappi car charging station - cheap electricity for motoring and home.
Veronica GaffneyVeronica Gaffney
08:58 23 Mar 24
Mick AylingMick Ayling
14:13 17 Mar 24
I wanted to put solar panels on my roof at the back end of 2022, and wanted to use a local company, and found GHE Solar. The correspondence with the team was all good, and quick. They presented and revised the plan several times until I felt I had a good match of panels, battery and inverter.GHE arranged everything including all necessary regulatory forms and scaffolding. The day came to install the panels and battery, and the team were done in a day. The work was done tidily with all cabling neatly done.Really happy with the service GHE provided.
Alex WardAlex Ward
22:44 16 Mar 24
The solar panels were installed very quickly and efficiently. The electrical connection took a little longer but the workmen were very efficient and professional.We have had no problems with the installation and are receiving very good solar power when it is not raining.I would definitely recommend this company as the administrating staff are also very helpful and efficient.
Emma MooreEmma Moore
18:32 14 Mar 24
We had solar PV and battery installation in June 2023 plus a battery extension in November. We were very impressed with the efficiency of the engineer and all the team at GHE. They provided a lot of information and guidance and we were kept well informed throughout the process. We are very happy with the system and would not hesitate to recommend GHE to anyone considering a similar install!
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