Zappi EV Charger

Efficient EV Charging with Solar Power

zappi charger

Eco-Friendly Charging for Your Electric Vehicle

The Zappi EV charger integrates seamlessly with your solar PV system, ensuring that excess solar energy goes directly into charging your electric vehicle. Whether you need a tethered or untethered charger, Zappi offers a flexible and intelligent solution for your EV charging needs.

Solar Power

100% Renewable Charging

Key Features

Charging Made Simple and Efficient

Experience the advantages of Zappi’s intelligent design and user-friendly features
  • Intelligent Energy Use: Automatically adjusts charging based on solar production and household energy consumption.
  • Tethered or Untethered Options: Choose the configuration that best fits your needs and preferences.
  • WiFi-Enabled Monitoring: Keep track of your charging status and energy usage through the Myenergi app.
  • Scalable Solution: Easily integrates with other Myenergi products for a comprehensive energy management system.
Optimal charging

Advanced Charging Modes for Your Lifestyle

Zappi offers three distinct charging modes to suit your lifestyle and energy usage

Eco mode uses a combination of green energy and grid power. It minimises grid usage by taking advantage of cheaper overnight rates and can also charge using 100% green energy. This mode allows you to charge your car for free when enough solar power is available. The charging power adjusts continuously based on the energy generated and used in your home. If surplus generation drops below 1.4kWh, the grid supplements the power.

Eco+ mode operates similarly to eco mode but with a focus on using your own solar power. The charge power adjusts in response to changes in generation and home power consumption. Charging pauses if too much grid power is used and resumes when there is surplus solar power available.

In fast mode, your vehicle charges at maximum power using either renewable energy or grid power. This mode is ideal for quick charging needs. Even if you don’t have solar panels or wind generation, Zappi functions as a standard Mode 3 charging point, ensuring your EV gets charged efficiently.

Custom Charging for Your Lifestyle

Zappi offers three distinct charging modes to suit your lifestyle and energy usage

Smart Home

Charge your EV effortlessly while you sleep or work, utilising the surplus energy from your solar panels. Zappi smartly ensures you get the charge you need at the lowest cost.

Solar Powered Savings

Make the most of your solar investment by using excess solar energy to charge your EV. Reduce grid reliance and save on energy costs with Zappi.

Integrated Smart Control

Manage all your Myenergi products through a single app. With Zappi connected to the Myenergi hub, you can effortlessly monitor and control your energy usage.

Future-Proof Your Home

Prepare for an electric future with Zappi. As more vehicles become electric, having a reliable EV charger will be essential. Ensure your home is ready with GHE Solar’s expert installation.

Zappi EV Charger

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Zappi can charge your EV using grid power just like a standard charging point, but it shines when integrated with a solar PV system.

Zappi continuously monitors your solar production and household energy use, adjusting the charging rate to maximise the use of surplus solar energy.

A tethered charger comes with a fixed cable, while an untethered charger allows you to use your own cable, offering more flexibility.

Yes, Zappi is WiFi-enabled and can be controlled and monitored through the Myenergi app, giving you complete oversight of your charging process.

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