Solar Thermal (Hot Water)

Reliable Hot Water with Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal

Efficient Solar Heating for Your Home

GHE Solar offers Solar Thermal systems designed to provide a majority of your hot water needs. Our systems use the sun’s energy to heat your water, reducing your reliance on traditional heating methods and lowering your energy costs. Ideal for homes and businesses in Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.

Sustainable Savings

Save up to £200 annually on energy bills

How Solar Thermal Systems Work

Simple Solar Water Heating

Solar Thermal systems consist of a roof-mounted collector and a hot water cylinder connected via a pump station. The collector absorbs solar radiation and transfers the heat to your water storage system. For about 8 months of the year, these systems can supply most of your hot water needs. During the remaining months, your existing heating system will top up the temperature as needed.

Key Components:

  • Solar Collector: Captures solar energy.
  • Pump Station: Transfers heat to the hot water cylinder.
  • Hot Water Cylinder: Stores heated water for use.
Benefits of Solar Thermal Systems

Year-Round Hot Water with Solar Savings

Save on Bills

Save between £60-£200 annually on energy bills depending on your usage and fuel type.


Reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable solar energy for your hot water needs.

Reliable Supply

Ensure a continuous supply of hot water, with your boiler providing support only when needed.

Versatile Applications

Perfect for homes and businesses, and ideal for heating swimming pools.

Tailored Solutions

System Boilers vs. Combi Boilers

Depending on your boiler type, GHE Solar will either install a new hot water cylinder or replace the existing one to integrate with the solar thermal system.

System Boilers:

  • Replace the existing hot water cylinder with a new one featuring two coils.
  • Top coil connected to the boiler; bottom coil connected to the solar system.

Combi Boilers:

  • Install a new solar direct cylinder.
  • The cylinder connects to your boiler via a combination valve, diverting hot water to your taps or through the boiler if a temperature boost is needed.
Solar Thermal

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar Thermal systems use a collector to capture solar energy, which is then transferred to a hot water cylinder via a pump station, providing hot water for your home.

Yes, Solar Thermal systems can work with both system and combi boilers. GHE Solar will install or replace the necessary components to ensure seamless integration.

You can save between £60-£200 annually on your energy bills, depending on your household usage and the type of fuel displaced.

Yes, they utilise renewable solar energy, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Green energy

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