Customised Solar Solutions with Advanced 3D Modelling


Precision Planning for Optimal Solar Performance

Using advanced PV*SOL design software, we provide clients with precise and detailed simulations of their solar PV systems. This 3D modelling tool allows us to customise each installation to meet specific needs, ensuring high efficiency and financial returns.

Why Choose PV*SOL?

Why PV*SOL for Your Solar Solutions?

Tailored Solar Solutions

We use PV*SOL to create precise 3D models of your property, incorporating your specific energy usage and high-energy appliances. This allows us to design solar solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Optimised Sunlight Exposure

PV*SOL performs comprehensive shading and irradiation analysis, taking into account nearby structures and natural obstructions. This ensures that your solar panels are placed for maximum sunlight exposure and efficiency.

Detailed Performance Reports

Our PV*SOL simulations generate detailed reports, typically around 20 pages, which provide insights into the expected performance of your solar PV system. These reports include data on potential energy production, cost savings, and overall system efficiency.

Optimised Solar Solutions

The Benefits of PV*SOL

When it comes to designing efficient and reliable solar PV systems, PV*SOL stands out as the preferred choice for professionals. We leverage this advanced software to provide our clients with accurate, detailed, and comprehensive solar solutions that meet their specific needs.

Accurate Predictions

Make informed decisions with precise simulation models that predict your energy production and financial returns effectively.

Comprehensive Proposals

Receive detailed, easy-to-read reports that explain the benefits and performance of your solar PV system clearly.

Financial Planning

Incorporate financial incentives and complex tariff structures into your plan for better financial forecasting and planning.

Enhanced Visualisation

Visualise your solar installation with 3D models and shading analysis to ensure optimal panel placement and efficiency.

Green energy

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