Newbury Cricket Club

Project Overview

Powering Community Spirit with Solar Energy

Newbury Cricket Club reached out to GHE Solar after securing grants from Newbury Town Council and Sports England. The project aimed to install a solar PV system that would provide free electricity to Loose Ends, a local charity that uses the club’s facilities to help those in need.


Newbury, Berkshire

Installed Capacity


Inverter Size


Installation Date

March 2023

Robust Installation

Powering Community Spirit with Solar Energy

Despite some of Newbury’s star batsmen hitting sixes into the panels, the system has maintained consistent production, showcasing the robustness of our solar solutions.

Key Features:

  • Durability: Panels withstood direct impacts and continued efficient performance.
  • Community Benefit: Free electricity aids Loose Ends in supporting vulnerable community members.
Impact and Benefits

Advancing Sustainability, Savings, and Community Engagement

Environmental Impact: Significant reduction in carbon footprint through renewable energy.

Financial Savings: The club saves on electricity costs, allowing funds to be allocated to other areas.

Community Support: Continuous power supply for charitable activities, reinforcing the club’s commitment to social responsibility.

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