Energy Storage (Batteries)

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Looking to get the most out of your solar energy system? GHE Solar offers reliable energy storage solutions that work seamlessly with your solar PV setup. Thanks to our strong relationships with suppliers, we can provide top-quality batteries like Alpha and Solax/Triple Power, even when supplies are limited.

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10-Year Warranty on All Batteries

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Why Choose Energy Storage

Energy Independence: Store excess solar energy to use during evenings or cloudy days, reducing your reliance on the grid and helping you become more self-sufficient.

Save on Energy Costs: Use stored solar energy when electricity rates are high, helping you save money on your energy bills over time.

Reliable Power Supply: Keep your home or business running during power cuts with a reliable battery system. This ensures you always have access to electricity, even during outages.

Flexible and Scalable: Our modular battery systems can be expanded as your energy needs grow, providing a flexible solution that can adapt to your changing requirements.

Easy Monitoring: With WiFi-enabled batteries, you can easily monitor your energy storage system from your smartphone or through a cloud portal.

Our Battery Options

Alpha and Solax/Triple Power Batteries

We offer two main types of batteries: Alpha and Solax/Triple Power. Both come with 3kW chargers as standard, and Alpha also offers a 5kW option. These batteries are modular, allowing you to add more units as needed.

Battery Capacity:

  • Solax: Up to 11.6kWh on a single phase.
  • Alpha: Up to 30kWh, with installation considerations for stacking height.


Installation Locations: The best place for batteries is typically in a garage, but they can also be installed in other suitable locations close to your consumer unit. Outdoor installations are possible thanks to their IP65 rating, and loft installations are an option of last resort.

Energy Storage (Batteries)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with a hybrid inverter, allowing you to charge the battery at a cheap night rate as well as from your solar PV system.

Yes, our batteries can be wired to provide uninterrupted power to critical areas of your home or business during outages.

Batteries work best in rooms that don't get too hot, ideally in a garage. They can also be installed in lofts or other rooms, but their efficiency drops in extreme temperatures.

Yes, batteries are as safe as any other electrical installation. While there are risks, they are minimal and well-managed.

Yes, the lithium-ion batteries we supply can be recycled.

All our batteries are WiFi-enabled, providing access to a web portal for monitoring performance and data.

No ongoing maintenance is required. However, it's good practice to periodically check your system to ensure it's functioning efficiently.

Yes, our modular systems allow for additional batteries to be added as needed.

Typically, batteries last around 10 years, with warranties of at least 5 years, extendable to 10 years.

Batteries should never be fully discharged. Usable capacity accounts for this, giving you a more accurate measure of the energy available.

Store Solar Energy, Save Money, Stay Powered

Make the most of your solar PV system with our energy storage solutions. Contact GHE Solar today to find the best battery option for your needs.