Distribution Network Operator

Navigating DNO Regulations for Solar Installations

Expert Guidance on DNO Regulations and Permissions

Ensuring Compliance for Solar Installation

The Distribution Network Operator is the energy company or organisation that’s responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the National Grid in your area.  Your DNO need to ensure that they know what is connected so that the grid doesn’t get overloaded and that their engineers are safe whilst working on any part of it.


The size of the connection you wish to make will determine whether we need to apply in advance for permission to connect or simply notify the new connection after install.


G98 Notification – any new connection that is 3.68kW (16A) per phase or less.  This size system can be installed straight away and is notified to the DNO after the installation.


G99 Application – any new connection that is over 3.68kW (16A) per phase.  This size system must be reviewed and approved by the DNO prior to installation.  This is a 45+ day application.


G99 Fast-track – if you are installing PV & Battery storage together and meet certain criteria we can apply for a fast-track (2 week) application.  Note: not all DNO offer this service.


You will need confirmation from your DNO that your system has been registered before you are able to apply for any Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) payments.

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