Alrad Instruments Solar PV System in Newbury

Project Overview

Efficient Energy Solutions

GHE Solar successfully installed a 21kWp Solar PV system at Alrad Instruments, a leading supplier of scientific equipment and high quality components, in Newbury, Berkshire.


Newbury, Berkshire

Installed Capacity

21kWp System

Inverter Size


Installation Date

August 2023

Project Summary

Sustainable Energy for a Trusted Supplier

Alrad Instruments has been a trusted supplier for over 50 years, and their commitment to sustainability led them to partner with GHE Solar for a solar PV installation. This project aimed to stabilise energy costs and contribute to environmental goals. The system has already produced 12,090kWh within the first nine months, demonstrating its effectiveness in reducing energy expenses and providing additional income through SEG payments for excess energy.

Impact and Benefits

Financial and Environmental Gains

Financial Impact:
The solar PV installation has resulted in significant energy savings, enabling Alrad Instruments to allocate resources more efficiently and benefit from SEG payments for surplus energy.

Environmental Impact:
Integrating solar energy has substantially reduced Alrad Instruments’ carbon footprint, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The system provides a dependable energy source, minimising reliance on external energy providers and enhancing operational stability.

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