Air Source Heat Pumps

Efficient Heating with Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Harness the Air, Heat Your Home

At GHE Solar, we offer top of the line Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) to provide efficient and sustainable heating solutions for homes and businesses in Berkshire and the surrounding areas. Our ASHP systems capture the ambient warmth from the air and convert it into energy to heat your property, reducing your reliance on traditional heating systems and lowering your energy bills.

High Efficiency Heating

Up to 300% Efficiency with Air Source Heat Pumps

why air source heat pumps

Why Choose Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air Source Heat Pumps are a practical and cost-effective solution for heating your property. They are especially suitable for homes with limited land space, providing an efficient alternative to Ground Source Heat Pumps. By harnessing the warmth from the air, ASHPs deliver reliable heating even during colder months.

Why air source heat pumps

Air Source vs. Ground Source

Comparison Overview:
Both Air Source Heat Pumps and Ground Source Heat Pumps utilise ambient warmth from the environment. Ground Source Heat Pumps are generally more efficient over the year due to the consistent temperature below the ground. However, they require extensive installation involving boreholes or horizontal loops, which increases costs significantly.

Air Source Advantages:

  • Lower installation costs
  • Suitable for properties with limited outdoor space
  • Easier and quicker to install

Key Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

Energy Efficiency

ASHPs are highly efficient, with a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) rating that indicates their efficiency. For instance, an ASHP with a COP of 3 means that for every unit of electricity it uses, it produces 3 units of heat, making it 300% efficient.

Cost Savings

Reduce your heating bills by switching to ASHPs. They use renewable energy from the air, lowering your overall energy consumption.


ASHPs help reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable energy, contributing to a greener future.


ASHPs can be installed in various properties, including homes and businesses, providing a flexible heating solution.

What is scop

Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)​

Understanding SCOP

The SCOP rating measures the efficiency of heat pumps. A higher SCOP indicates better efficiency. For example, a heat pump with a COP of 3 produces 3 units of heat for every unit of electricity consumed.

Efficiency Variability

While ASHPs operate efficiently down to -15°C or lower, their efficiency decreases in extremely cold temperatures. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the annual performance rather than just during the coldest months.

Heat Emitters and Heat Loss Calculation

Heat Emitters:
ASHPs run at lower temperatures than conventional boilers, which may require upgrading your heat emitters. Underfloor heating and oversized radiators work best, but proper sizing is essential.

Heat Loss Calculation:
A room-by-room heat loss calculation ensures that the heat emitters are correctly sized for your heat pump. This calculation determines the required output in watts, considering the insulation and size of the radiators.

System Flushing:
Flushing the existing heating system before installing an ASHP ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

air source heat pumps

Frequently Asked Questions

ASHPs are versatile and can be installed in most properties, especially those with limited outdoor space.

Yes, ASHPs operate efficiently even in temperatures as low as -15°C, although their efficiency may decrease in extremely cold conditions.

Installation times vary, but ASHPs generally have a quicker and less invasive installation process compared to Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, typically involving annual checks by a professional.

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